Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC

The Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of BC is a non-profit organization that presents the Caribbean Days Festival in order to raise awareness of Caribbean culture in BC.

The TTCS is dedicated to providing cross cultural understanding, acceptance and interaction between peoples of diverse nationalities and heritage through their art, their music and their respective talents and abilities.

Membership is open to people of all nationalities, color and creed similar to what one would expect to find in the makeup of the people of Trinidad & Tobago, and in many of the other islands of the Caribbean. For more information about the TTCS of BC, view the TTCS Website.

Community Benefit

Over the years, the TTCS has sponsored a number of social and cultural initiatives, such as Senior's outings, Youth development workshops, and provision of bursaries, aid, computers and supplies to schools, hospitals and other beneficiaries in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. Find out more about the Society's social services.